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2022 Impact Report

Happy New Year, Farms for Life Family!

2022 was a banner year that included adding three agency partners (Everett Clubhouse, Everett Housing Authority, and Recovery Cafe) and two additional farm partners (Sariwa and Root & Rabbit). We increased our produce budget by 10%, and with an amazing rallying of the community in November, added a special holiday week in December, making 2022 the biggest year yet!

Sustainability has been a big goal in 2022, as we continue to strive towards a new home for our cooler. We have been extremely fortunate to receive a grant from the WSDA to fund the purchase and installation of a new cooler so that our work can continue!

As the Farms for Life Board moves forward in 2023, I want to acknowledge the ongoing support of our community. We would be nothing without YOU! Your support makes our growth possible so we can continue the fight against hunger.


Morgan Winkler

Incoming Board President

Donations from individuals made up over 50% of our funding in 2022! This generosity from caring supporters like you makes it possible for us to support local farms and feed hungry community members.  We were also very fortunate to receive grants from the WSDA to support our cooler transition and from the Windermere Foundation and Eastside Community Aid Thrift Shop.

Each year we strive to increase our impact. This year we donated 21,620 pounds of produce and added an additional distribution week in December. Quote: I have a client who said he had never eaten a cucumber before, realized he loves them now and takes as many as he can carry whenever we get them. -Community House Mental Health Agency

12 Farm  Partners , 11 Agency  Partners, >60% Woman  Owned Farms, Clients Served: 755 children & 1,923  adults. Quote: This season I have noticed the variety of veggies offered has brought a lot of joy to certain demographics. For example, shiso, bok choy, and most recently gai lan! Our residents are sometimes shocked at the thoughtfulness and relevance these veggies have to their cultural palates. I love seeing food bring happiness in others or even a sense of pride. -Imagine Housing


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