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Farms for Life helps local farmers yield more income from their crops by paying for surplus produce, which often goes unharvested due to resource constraints. By supporting our local farms, we are helping to protect precious farmlands in our own community.

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Regeneration Farm

At Regeneration Farm, we steward unceded Sammamish Land. We are building a functioning agroforestry education farm. We provide our local communities with a healthy source of food, plants and knowledge. We take a diversified approach including both food production and educational workshops and events on the farm. This is set within the context of restoring the land we steward to provide maximum environmental benefit, such as carbon sequestration via topsoil creation and tree planting, ecosystem health and on-farm productivity.

Sweet Hollow Farm

Sweet Hollow Farm is a multiracial, queer worker-owned cooperative farm growing vegetables & herbs on one acre of Coast Salish land in Woodinville, WA. Our purpose as Sweet Hollow Farm is to use sustainable agriculture as a means to nourish and strengthen community self-determination and agency in the food system. We serve Seattle and King County through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, mobile farmstands, and partnerships with community based organizations.

Root Connection

The Root Connection is Washington State’s first CSA farm. Since 1987, founding farmer Claire Thomas and her crew have been growing local, chemical-free food for the community on 20-acres located in the Sammamish Valley between Woodinville and Redmond. The farm offers seasonal and year-round memberships featuring the best seasonal vegetables plus you-pick herbs and flowers. Claire is also the founder of Farms for Life and continues as an emeritus board member.

Caruso Farms

Caruso Farm produces sustainably grown fruits and vegetables for wholesale, CSA and farmers markets. We are a small family farm in Snohomish and understand the importance of growing food without the use of conventional fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. Our mission is to provide healthful food to our local community that is safe and nourishing. We practice crop rotation, soil fertility and exclusion to limit pest damage. Our cultural practices are intended to be regenerative and by building healthy soils we grow healthy food.

Steel Wheel Farm

Steel Wheel Farm is a small, first-generation family farm with one goal in mind: To improve the way in which produce is grown, harvested and distributed. Everything we do is guided by our mission of growing quality food, being environmentally friendly and stewards of the land. We believe that quality food begins with the farmer and because of this we choose Non- GMO seeds, Certified Naturally Grown Practices, and giving back to the soils we mine from. You can find our diversified farm located in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Sweet Harvest

“Sweet Harvest really began the year I walked onto a farm in 2002. That is the year the passion for the connection between earth, sky, water and food began. I walked onto a farm I knew was growing salad mix and asked for a job picking. The farmer let me grow my own veggies on about an eighth of an acre in addition to working for her. I am now farming about an acre of land just south of Carnation. I work hard to bring my soil in to balance by soil testing, cover crops and using compost. I am hyper focused on the veggies being offered from my farm having high nutritive value and vitality.” Margaret Hindle, Owner & Farmer You can find Sweet Harvest produce seasonally at the Carnation Farmers Market and at several local restaurants.

One Leaf Farm

Established in 2011, One Leaf Farm grows a wide variety of vegetables on 8 acres in Washington's Snohomish Valley. One Leaf is run by Rand Rasheed and her talented crew. We grow using organic methods to take care of the environment, and the health of our community and farm workers. Growing delicious, beautiful, and nutritious vegetables is our passion and we're happy to share them with you.

Orange Star Farm

Orange Star Farm owner and farmer Libby Reed is dedicated to building soil biology and structure to better weather coming climate changes and other crises. Orange Star is a farm where the everyday details of farming and life are just as important as the overarching plan: To bring food to families and restaurants in Snohomish and King Counties and give rare and heirloom varieties and uncommon produce a place in today's food culture and to give back to the community by growing fairly priced fresh, healthy food for all. Nutrition, abundance, beauty, care, creativity, giving - just a few words that describe Libby's day to day approach at Orange Star Farm.

Skylight Farms

Skylight Farms, situated on the banks of the beautiful Snohomish River, was started by Jonathan and Petrina Fisher in late 2012. They grow over 125 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs including many heirloom and unique items that can’t be found at the grocery store. Their food is grown with a commitment to sustainable growing practices, preserving the natural environment and enhancing the community. They hope to inspire more people to eat with the seasons and support our local food economy. Skylight Farms is excited to be a continuing partner with Farms for Life.

Kamayan Farm

Farmer Ariana de Leña (Ari) is the owner/operator of Kamayan Farm, a small vegetable, medicinal herb, and education farm located in the Snoqualmie Valley. Ari is driven by a vision to (re)connect communities with land and to collaboratively share cultural stories through food and medicine.

"We love working with Farms for Life because as a small farm, it can be hard to find an outlet for our surplus food. It's great to know that our food will fill the plates of people in need. We believe that people from all walks of life deserve to eat well, and Farms for Life gives us an opportunity to nourish our community."

- Petrina Fisher, Skylight Farms

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