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2020 Impact Report

Season’s Greetings, Farms for Life family! I am so excited to announce that we are releasing our first Impact Report this year. This report summarizes our milestones and accomplishments of 2020, which, I am pleased to share, were abundant. We plan to make this an annual tradition so you can join us for our journey over the coming years. I must give a shout out to the person behind this incredible new project, our Resources Chair, Jan Hurley. 2020 was Jan’s first year with Farms for Life, and she has perfectly captured the FFL spirit in the new Impact Report. (If you would like to learn more about all of our board members, don’t forget to check out our website, which we revamped this year, too!) There were many changes throughout this past year, but the one reliable constant we had was YOU. As a part of the growing FFL family, you supported us through our COVID-response operational pivots allowing us to get more produce to more people, in a year where the hunger crisis only multiplied. Sadly, we believe the crisis will continue into 2021, putting strain on the farmers and agencies who serve our communities. As the hunger crisis grows, Farms for Life aims to grow, as well. As we approach the new year, the FFL board is already strategizing how to best continue fighting hunger in our region. I encourage you to look out for important updates from our team over the next few months so we can all continue having impact in our communities. Sincerely,

Marie Shimada, President



Will you continue to fight hunger with us?

Partner with Farms for Life as a monthly donor and help us continue the fight against hunger in our communities. Your donation helps us purchase fresh produce directly from our local farm partners and put it to good use feeding our neighbors in need.


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